Gutter clearance


The cleaning of gutters is often the most overlooked property maintenance issue. Access problems and the mess involved are strong deterrents to addressing the matter. However, dismiss at your peril! If gutters are full of debris the consequences can be severe and expensive - especially as winter sets in.

The importance of gutter cleaning:

Leaves, moss, bird droppings and nests and other debris collects in your gutter.

Clogged gutters won’t function properly.

Water will overflow and place pressure on the gutter, which may become detached.

Wooden fascias will rot over time when in prolonged contact with water.

Rainwater will spill over a blocked gutter system, damaging brickwork and possibly causing structural harm if it seeps into the foundations.

Water freezes in blocked gutters and prevents the flow of unfrozen water from the roof. This can cause expensive leaks inside your property.


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